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Year 6 (Elm & Elder) - our class teachers are Mr Howard and Miss Kelly

Croeso nol to our new Year Six pupils! Can you believe you are now Year Six?! We are delighted to be sharing this space with you, so we can share news and events during this incredibly busy final year. 

PE days this year are: Tuesdays and Thursdays - children are expected to bring fresh PE kit to each lesson. They are able to leave school in their PE kit but must ensure school uniform is neatly stored away in their bag (this is good practice for secondary school).  

Home Learning challenges will continue to be sent out via the Google Classroom. In addition to this, we will be putting on mathematical challenges via our Mathematics platform

This term, we are excited about launching our first whole-school context for learning of the year: Quest!

Over the next term, we will be sailing the seas and heading to The Americas. In this humanity-based context, we will be looking at the past and exploring voyagers such as Columbus and Drake. We will be map-reading and using our numeracy skills, where we will be learning to use coordinates and compass directions. In our Science and Technology lessons we will learn about food preservation and how microorganisms grow and survive - sailors would have to think about how they would store the food on ships! 

Through our Languages, Literacy and Communication lessons we will be exploring The Tempest - this graphic novel is an excellent way to introduce our learners to the works of Shakespeare, improving their reading skills and donning their Green Creative Thinking Hat by responding to the text through role-play, play scripts and first-person recounts. 

Our class text for this term is The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q. Rauf. A story all about a journey into the unknown. Ahmet (a refugee) joins a new school and faces the challenges of starting life all over in a new surrounding. Will his new school make him feel welcome? This rich text will introduce some mature themes which will engage the children in important discussions about inclusion and equity, and celebrating the diverse nature of Wales. In October, we will be celebrating Black History Month, linking this to Quest and how people travelling across the world have enriched our lives.