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Year 4

Croeso i Blwyddyn 4 - 2023/2024

Hawthorn Class - Mrs Pardoe & Mr Evans 

Hazel Class - Mr Fryer 


Our new context for learning this term is 'Innovation Generation'. There will be lots of exciting learning opportunities. For example, to bring the curriculum to life, pupils have found their classrooms littered with plastic pollution, inspiring them to become ethically informed citizens to find out more about the issues caused by plastic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

In the following weeks, the pupils will be provided with opportunities to experience:      

  • Undertaking independent projects based on the circular economy e.g. eco art installations or products for enterprise and judging.                                              

        Amroth Beach - 2019 Everything You Need to Know Before You Go (with ...           Image result for plastic rope tool        

  • Carrying out a STEM and enterprise challenge to reduce the impact of plastic waste
  • Asking good questions and using their knowledge of what they know to support their learning through research using a range of sources
  • Using measurements and statistics to collate and interpret data linked to waste
  • Contributing to deep and meaningful questions based on a variety of stimuli using visible thinking routines and Philosophy for Children sessions
  • Understanding the impact of plastic on the food chain and knowing how to stay safe around waterways
  • Developing a growing responsibility for the world and the effects humans may have on it
  • Immersing themselves in real-life experiences; to include educational visits to rivers and seas
  • Using their programing skills to navigate and code M Tinys to pick up waste and recycle it Image result for M-tiny Robot. Size: 177 x 100. Source:
  • Creating and innovating using new ideas, good risks and thinking flexibly 
  • Being curious and generating solutions to local and world problems, developing their skills to overcome challenges

                                                               Image result for The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Size: 176 x 185. Source: