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Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE)

Relationships and Sexuality Education or RSE is a vital part of your child's education and development and this is why there is a mandatory code to which schools must adhere. At Danescourt Primary School we have recognised the need for a collaborative cluster approach in the design of this area to ensure consistency and compliance with the code across all primary schools in the Radyr Cluster.

We recognise and appreciate the fundamental role that parents play in supporting their child's development, especially in this area; therefore, we seek to listen to and acknowledge different viewpoints held, and to offer guidance and support on any misconceptions or concerns about the content of the RSE curriculum. The two documents below entitled 'DPS RSE Explained' (Phases 1 and 2) have been produced to do just that. You will also find below our school policy and the Welsh Government documentation from which our information has been summarised.

As with every part of our curriculum design, we follow the guidance carefully and closely but will always consider the needs of our learners, first and foremost, in the planning and delivery of the content. Some lessons are taught discretely but, as you will understand from our information below, much of the content is interwoven across all Areas of Learning and Experience and exists in our daily, moment-to-moment interactions with our learners, both at work and play. The knowledge and skills acquired from our holistic approach will surely help to develop 'Healthy and Confident Individuals' and 'Ethical and Informed Citizens' of the future!