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What is Mathletics?

Mathletics is an online maths resource that your child can access with unique login details - anywhere, anytime. It allows your child to practise maths concepts taught in school and become quicker at mental maths. The program contains problem-solving activities, videos, times tables practice and games, aligning with the Four Core Purposes of Curriculum 2022


How is it used?

Your child is able to access the platform both in school and at home to practise maths concepts in a fun and engaging way (login details have been provided using either the manual details or a quick QR code). Use the web address: Mathletics United Kingdom | Empowering Maths Learning Online to access the login tab. 

Teachers are able to set homework tasks also on Mathletics (provided on the relevant homework platform) and can monitor progress through their Teacher Centre. Your child is rewarded for continued progress and participation with points, certificates and credits to spend on their avatar in the online shop. 

Reward Structure


Live Mathletics: 1 correct answer = 1 point, double points in bonus level (indicated with a star) 

Curriculum activities: 1 correct answer = 10 points

Certificates: maximum of 1 per week

Skills Quests: Level up or complete a Quest = 50 points 

1,000 points in a week

= 1 Bronze certificate 

5 Bronze certificates

= 1 Silver certificate

4 Silver certificates 

= 1 Gold certificate   


How can you help at home? 


Encourage your child to access Mathletics to practise skills and complete homework activities set.

When completing activities, remind your child to use the ‘i’ help button, on the right to get a step-by-step walkthrough

Explore the different apps and games to vary their use and keep their interest high

Encourage your children to earn 1000 weekly points to earn a certificate and go for gold

Print and display certificates when they are achieved to reward your child or display certificates printed in school

Useful Information

Watch the video tour and sign up for a weekly parent report here:

Alternatively, use the parental guide below: