Welcome to Danescourt Primary School
Croeso i Ysgol Gynradd Danescourt

Additional Information

Croeso/Welcome to Nursery

Dydd Llun: Making Nursery playdough

Dydd Mawrth: Making Nursery snack

Dydd Mercher: Book Club (Please remember your book bags)

Dydd Iau: Busy Feet

Dydd Gwener: Pirate Ship/Dough Disco/Creative Music and Movement

Please keep us advised of any changes/upsets that may affect your child (Mrs Deek will be available for the first 10 mins at the beginning of each session)

Please ensure your contact details are correct and up to date

If your child is unwell please keep them at home and remember the 48hr rule relating to sickness and diarrhoea

Please ensure all your child’s belonging are clearly labelled with their name 

Remember to ask your boys and girls about Learning Larry.  What did Learning Larry say today? 

Remember to use the Talk Cards as a prompt to promote talk at home

Remember to ask your boys and girls about Thinking Maps and Hats


Oak (Nursery)

Oak Class: Mrs Deek


Our Context for Learning this term is called: Wonderful Me!

School begins at 09.00 and ends at 11.30 (morning sessions)

School begins at 12.45 and ends at 3.15 (afternoon sessions)

Snack money £1.50 a week 

Snack can be paid weekly/half termly/termly.

Please post snack money or messages in the Nursery post box

Autumn Term 1: 8 weeks £12.00/Autumn Term 2: 7 weeks £10.50/whole Term £22.50

Spring folder: Wizards and Wands

Summer folder: All Creatures Great and Small

Nursery Favourite Book Box: We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Nursery Rhyme Fun, Peepo, Each Peach Pear Plum,The Gruffalo, Monkey Puzzle and The Tiger Who Came to Tea.




























Language, Literacy and Communication

To enjoy non-fiction/fiction books

To develop early preparations/routines for GGR sessions and phonics groups

To learn how to record their ideas, feelings and experiences through mark making and drawing

To watch short video clips/slides and talk about them

To use Nursery telephones to talk to friends

To develop language by singing songs and rhymes

To develop pencil grip and control

To share and enjoy books at Book Club (every Wednesday)

To use books to find information

To take home Suzie/Sandy and tell my friends about their adventures

To bring the Talk Box back to Nursery and talk

To listen to stories from our Favourite Book Box

To use talk cards (sent home) to promote talk about my day at Nursery

To create a Circle Map on what we know about ourselves

To particiapte orally in our Thinking Schools activities

To participate orally to our Nursery P4C sessions

To make mini books and do special writing

To participate in singing/action songs

To begin to indentify some letter sounds using tactile letters and multi-sensory play

To talk about their experiences

To talk about ourselves


Knowledge and Understanding of the World

To  identify what they want to find out

To ask questions and listen to answers

To ask 'Why?'

To explore the environment

To listen to the ideas of others

To make observations about each other

To make comparisons and identify similarities and differences

To become familiar with Nursery daily routines

To follow instructions/directions

To make/record observations


Physical Development

To develop control with body movements when performing

To visit the pirate ship and climb

To develop fine motor and gross motor skills with specific, tailored activities

To develop skills in: throwing, kicking, bouncing, catching and pedalling

To particpate in Balance Bike sessions

To particpate in Dough Disco

To use a range of small and large equipment and stimuli

To be able to climb over obstacles

To participate in Busy Feet sessions

Mathematical Development

To develop mathematical vocabulary

To recognise my numerals

To recognise 'the same, the least and the most'

To develop number formation in the sand/ foam trays

To develop number recognition with lotto games, number lines and puzzles

To begin learning about amounts

To understand the concept of one more

To develop saying numbers

To join in with number songs and rhymes

To sort and classify numbers using a Tree Map

To count objects

To develop mathematical language when making play dough/snack

To compare sizes of ourselves



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PSE, RE, Well-being, Cultural Diversity

To take responsibility for our personal needs

To take care of our plants and flowers in the garden and allotment

To take risks and become confident explorers of the indoor and outdoor environment

To become familiar with routines and new surroundings

To become familiar with peers and adults in the setting

To have their views listened to and listen to the views of others

To become familiar with the visual Nursery class guidelines

To recognise the need for personal hygiene

To be aware of personal safety

To share and take turns

To participate in R time

To participate in You Can Do It!

To respond to social greetings from familiar/unfamiliar people



(A holistic approach across the curriculum)

To draw and paint using the Paint Program

To develop mouse control

To use the interactive whiteboard

To use the use ipads to support learning

To use the Story-nories


Creative Development

(A holistic approach across the curriculum)

To make junk model creations

To become confident using the Nursery performance stage

To talk about my creations

To move to music during Busy Feet sessions/Creative Music and Movement

To participate in our Home School Task

To work in small groups to develop their own ideas

To sing songs

To listen and respond to music

To develop an understanding of colour, line, tone, texture, pattern, shape and form

Welsh Language Development

To explore Welsh books

To listen to poems and stories in the Welsh language

To learn new Welsh vocabulary related to ourselves

To develop language by singing in Welsh

To respond to incidental Welsh commands

To sing days of the week and number songs in Welsh

To count in Welsh

To ask and respond to 'Pwy wyt ti?'

To ask and respond to 'Beth wyt ti eisiau?'

To converse simply, sometimes replacing English words with Welsh words