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Croeso i Ysgol Gynradd Danescourt

Additional Information

Hello, Year 4 parents and guardians!

Welcome to our webpage.  We have some useful information for you below:

PE and Games Lessons

PE (Indoor) is on a Tuesday.

Games (Outdoor) is on a Thursday.


  • For indoor P.E - children will need shorts and a t-shirt (and suitable footwear if your child has a verruca).
  • For outdoor P.E - children will need clothing appropriate to weather conditions (sweatshirt or fleece and jogging bottoms if cold). Trainers (suitable and safe, not expensive) will also be needed.


  • Book bags are due in on a Thursday and will be taken home on a Friday, your comments about how your child has read during the week are always very valuable.
  • Spellings will be given out on a Wednesday and the children will be tested the following Wednesday.
  • Maths homework will be available on the interactive online platform ‘Active Learn’
  • Where applicable, other homework tasks will be given to support learning in the classroom


  • Children can pay £1.50 a week for a healthy snack of fruit or vegetables from the fruit tuck shop. There are significant reductions if you choose to pay for the whole term. Please send snack money into school in an envelope with your child’s name clearly written on the front with class and amount. Alternatively children can bring in fruit or vegetables of their choice to be eaten during morning play
  • Water bottles can be brought into school, containing only fresh unflavoured water clearly labelled. Children are always allowed access to fresh drinking water throughout the day.

Classes Hawthorn & Hazel
Dosbarthiadau Hawthorn & Hazel

Class Hawthorn - Mr J. Lavender

Class Hazel - Mrs S. King


Our context for learning this term is:

'Gods and Gladiators'

This term we will travel back in time to see what life was like during the height of the Roman Empire.

Language, Literacy & Communication

Oracy  -  We are sharing and presenting ideas as part of  group discussion.

Writing  - We are learning to use the features of a narrative text. We will also be looking at writing information texts.

Reading - We are reading a variety of myths and legends both online and in paper format. We will also be reading and exploring a variety of information texts.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

History - We will be learning about the expansion of the Roman Empire and its impact on modern Britain.

Children will become 'history detectives' looking at a variety of Roman artefactsto travel back to in time.

Science- We will be expanding our science skills investigating the true purpose of catapults!

Physical Development

PE and Games


PE this half-term focuses on PESS.  We will develop, consolidate and apply movements in sequences, focusing on control and shape. The children will sequence their own context theme based sequence to perform.



We are developing ball skills throughout a variety of games including rugby and netball. We will practise and develop accuracy in target shooting.

We will also continue to develop fitness, stamina and an awareness of living a healthy lifestyle.

Mathematical Development

Mental maths - We will continue to practise our times tables and use our knowledge of place value (number bonds to 10, 20, double and near doubles) to mentally add several small numbers.

We are consolidating our understanding of doubling and halving within 100 and 200. We will be counting forwards and backwards from different numbers within 100.

Number:  We will practise using multiplication and division facts for the times-tables 2 through to 10 and place 2 and 3 digit numbers on a numberline, rounding to the nearest 10,100.

We are also studying measurement, data handling and time.

Mathematical Reasoning: We will be completing investigations, word problems and reasoning activities linked to our mathematical curriculum. Through our context for learning Gods and Gladiators, we will be applying skills taught in mathematics. Our main focus will be applying what we know about data handling to create graphs linked with science.

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PSE & Wellbeing


The topic in 'You Can Do it!' this half-term is  'Persistence'. This has strong links with Thinking and in particular P4C.

We will also focus on:

Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship: Appreciation of the world, poverty, school life and environmental issues created by humans.

Moral and Spiritual Development:
Personal values, honesty and integrity.

Preparing for lifelong learning:
Enjoyment and celebration of lifelong learning.

Well being

Weekly R Time nurture groups will continue.


This half term we will be using 'Scratch' software to developing our digital competency with a particular focus on :

  • block programming
  • sequencing
  • debugging

Creative Development

Art and Design: We will be creating mosaics with a Welsh theme and designing our own Roman shields.


Music: Use of multimedia to include music to support presentations and preparations for the school Eisteddfod. We will also be exploring rhythmic patterns using  'Music Express'. 

Welsh Language Development

We will be:

  • Expressing a variety of preferences
  • Asking questions  
  • Extending sentences and responses using: ond, achos, achos mae'n
  • Increasing our vocabulary in order to write a series of dialogues
  • Reading Welsh story books in GGR