Welcome to Danescourt Primary School
Croeso i Ysgol Gynradd Danescourt

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Classes Laurel, Lime & Larch
Dosbarthiadau Laurel, Lime & Larch

Class Laurel - Miss Haynes

Class Lime - Mrs Jenkins

Class Larch - Mr Lavender


Our Context for Learning this half-term is called: 'Potions'.











Language, Literacy and Communication

We will be writing:

  • Explanation texts
  • Persuasive writing
  • Instructional texts
  • Letters to inform


We will be reading:

  • Information texts to build our research skills
  • Science texts
  • Any addtional science books you have at home would be much appreciated!


We will be listening to:

  • A variety of powerful speeches


We will be presenting:

  • Persuasive arguments, reports and presentations

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

This project has a science focus and teaches children about:

  • solids, liquids and gases
  • melting, evaporation and condensation
  • changes of state
  • dissolving and changing rates of reaction

Physical Development

In PE we will continue to develop our dance skills this half term

In Games, we will continue to develop the technical skills which form the basis of team games and competitive sports.  We will:

  • Focus on ball skills: passing, catching and throwing
  • Work on ball striking using a selection of bats and racquets
  • Improve effective team-working
  • Develop greater positional awareness
  • Work on tactical awareness and prediction; including the effective marking of opponents and moving into space to receive the ball

Mathematical Development

We will:

  • Constructing number sequences: recognising and explaining patterns
  • Develop our understanding of place value
  • Continue with our work on decimals – using the four rules
  • Draw diagrams using a scale
  • Look at data generated by our context and analyse this
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PSE, RE, Well-being, Cultural diversity

Within the "You can do it" theme “Getting Started”, we will explore and develop:

  • Feelings of success and failure (goal setting)
  • Emotional resilience in a variety of contexts
  • Knowledge, understanding and skills in: self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy
  • Strategies for embedding feelings of success and happiness with a particular focus on 'personal best'
  • Exploring leaders and followers




In ICT this half-term, we will focussing on:

  • How to identify the component parts of a computer and understand what they do
  • How to define a 'network' and understand how networks operate
  • How to understand what Binary code is
  • How to understand how 'memory' in computing terms has evolved and why

Creative Development


Exploring the mixing of colours



Welsh Language Development

We will be:

  • Expressing preferences using: dw i eisiau, dw i'n mwynhau, dw i'n gallu
  • Asking questions  
  • Learning to speak in the past tense
  • Increasing our vocabulary in order to write a series of dialogues
  • Reading as well as reviewing welsh story books in GGR